4 December 2013

Splitpin Projects Presents: Art in the Crypt pt 2 'Insights'

Last month we had our second 'Art in the Crypt' show at St. Giles' Church, Camberwell. It was a blast. Our collection of artists and performers sought inspiration from their own stories and personal histories to create inspiring work that offered an insight into the lives, minds and mysteries of the individual. 

The individual is an infinitely unique and peculiar entity.
There has been nonesuch before.
It will never be replicated.


Included in the exhibition Showna Kim presented new work exploring themes of human spirituality using ultra violet light and painting within one of the dark arches of the crypt.Karl Lawson’s painted self-portrait prompted the familiar internal conflict of double life andMatthew Maddigan’s sound piece, created with sculptural cast portraits, enabled the viewer to experience the work “face-to-face” whilst listening to personal dialogues using headphones. We had live illustration on an OHP from
Geles Tomas and co-directors Ellie Geary and Jessy Boon Cowler previewed a collaborative video piece on old CCTV monitors. There was an interactive performance from Amandine Limtouch's the Interpreters and Alex Swift's anti-misogynistic drag show, Travesty. Anna Winston and The Icarus Line played us some ear-candy 'til the early hours, drinks were kindly provided by BrewdogHere are some pics:

one of Geles' finished illustrations

Showna's UV installation 

detail of one of Showna's UV paintings 

Karl's self portrait

Ellie and Jessy's collaborative video piece

Mia's film and photo installation

Our pal Flo enjoying Matt's work

Geles at work on the OHP

Guests admiring Geles' work

more guests enjoying the Brewdog

an intense moment in The Interpreters 

enthralled by Ellie and Jessy's work, of course(!)

Alex in the throes of his performance 

We'd like to thank everyone who came down and participated in the show, especially all the artists and performers and of course Father Nick of St. Giles' Church and Russel and co at Jazz Live