10 March 2014

Splitpin Presents: Art in the Crypt pt 3 'Ep=mgh: The Obstruction of Obliteration'

Our latest exhibition encouraged artists to use the quiet tension of potential energy as a starting point to make work. Poetic and abstract expressions of this theme saw a mixture of film, performance, poetry, installation and sculpture in the space...

 Ruth Batham

 Ruth talks about ideas behind her figurative drawings:
"One of the blindfolded life models caught my interest. I thought about how, although this was a de-sexualised portrayal originally, that the wearing of a blindfold between two people could create a heightened sense of unknown possibilities and increase the potential of sexual energy."

Toby Dawe, 'Bon Sabotage'

Showna Kim, 'Here was yesterday, Here is today, Here will be tomorrow' (detail). Showna’s work is always intriguing and complex with intricate details that are not immediately obvious but exist to be discovered. We were very happy to have her create something new for our exhibition on potential energy. Her new installation “uses metaphor to show the theme of corruption and hatred, as is the interaction between human and nature.” The work is her reaction to the barbaric incidences that occur in the fishing industry and comments on the tension (and unbalance) between nature and how it is affected by the human race.

Artist and musician Pampa Louzao showed two works on paper and performed in his band, The Bricks at our closing party.

Maximus Limbu's new video work was played on a monitor in a quiet corner of the Crypt.
"Daylight transforms the space where the objects lie.
The objects become props for a play waiting to be encountered."
Max used natural light and played it through coloured screens onto a curtain and with the window open he filmed the fabric as it moved with the breeze. (This set up is documented in the pictures above)

Sophie Myers: Works on paper and digital animation still. She projected her video onto tracing paper- the two spheres rotated within the fixed framework surround. Sophie just completed her masters degree at UAL and is part of London collective Three Piece Suite

Frieda Shube
As well as displaying this mixed-media piece, Frieda illustrated live at our wrap party and created some great images of Jessy's poem performed by Harriet.. (See event photos)

Jessy Boon Cowler - These 35mm hand-printed photographs / photograms have been revised and rearranged to create a new story from images initially rejected back in 2007.

Ellie Geary - 'Untitled', Mobile phone footage; 20 second loop shown on our old telly. The footage shows a view from through the bedroom window into the street at night. The camera's focus automatically switches from the fence in foreground to the houses opposite..
'Static' - "This mixed-media arrangement has been created with images from various magazines. The photographs preserve the cut flowers in this delicate state between life and death and the grid repetition here is a reference to this state of being paused, as well as being a comment on the process of creation (turning pages, cutting, archiving; turning pages, cutting, archiving…)" Ellie's is making a film that documents the piece and it will be on the Splitpin vimeo page soon..
Jessy created an installation about where our ideas for the show came from. Included was a precariously balanced mug, a broken mug, desk lamp, table and some of our whimsical sketches taped to the wall...

And on the last day of the exhibition we held a wrap party with live music and performance-based work...

..Harriet Waghorn is a London based dancer, performer and teacher. She is a Contemporary and Latin American dancer and has been working professionally since 2010.

Pals :)

Ruth viewing Sophie's work with 3D glasses
The Bricks

London Beat Club

We had a brilliant night with a fantastic turn out - thanks to all the great artists, musicians and performers who helped make it such a success:

Ruth Batham, Toby Dawe, Showna Kim, Pampa Louzao, Maximus Limbu, Sophie Myers, Frieda Shube, Harriet Waghorn, Jessica Bernard, Solar Brute, Sean Dobbyn, The Bricks 
and London Beat Club
As always, thanks to Father Nick at St. Giles Church and Jazz Umbrella